Know your weight is right or not according to body

Right weight of a body is depends upon the person’s height and physical appearance of a body. Over weight and below a weight is a problem.Thinness and insufficient weight is also not good,similarly, over weight is having more body fat which caused various diseases.

In fact we don’t know what should be the weight of our body. We must be aware about the weight of body because over and under weight both is not good for our health. Body mass index is the best way to measure the weight of the body is right or not according to the height and size of body.

How to measure:
Body mass index can be measured with the help of your your body length and weight.For this you have to measure your body length in centimeter and subtract 100 from it.For example if the length of your body is 5.5 feet ,it is 170 centimeter.Now subtract 100 from it remains 70.It means if your height is 5.5 feet,your body weight should should be 70 kg.
Our average height is above 5 feet.
Normally person having 5 feet height must be 50-54 kg.
person having 5.1 inch height requires 51-55 kg.weight.
5.2 inch height required 56-60 kg. to be normal.
5.3 inch height required 57-61 kg to be in normal weight.
5.4 inch height required 58-63 kg body weight.
5.5 inch height required 60-65 kg weight of a body.
5.6 inch height required 61-66 kg for normal weight.
5.7 inch height required 64-69 kg. to be normal.
5.8 inch height required 65-70 kg to be in normal weight.
5.9 inch height required 67-72 kg body weight.
6 feet height required 73-78 kg weight of a body.
6.1 inch height required 73-80 kg weight to be normal.
6.2 inch height required 77-83 kg weight of a body.
6.3 inch height required 79-85 kg weight of a body.

Dangerous condition:
Over weight in a body indicates the danger from different diseases.Therefore,try to maintain the body weight.Abnormal weight caused diabetes,high blood pressure,high cholesterol and heart attack and heart diseases.Excess amount of weight in a body is not good.

How weight of body increases:

There are many reason behind over weight of a body.We are ourselves responsible for weight gain.Due to the daily busy schedule,we do not have time to take care of our body properly and sometime we are unaware about it.Overweight may caused by the imbalance of hormones in our body,and beside it,may be due to the heredity. It may be passes genetically from the one generation to another.

Causes of over weight:

Generally, Imbalance between how much calorie we take from the diet and energy expenditure through physical activities plays a role in weight of our body.Physical activities are very important for a healthy life.

2.Passive lifestyles
4.Psychology of a person.

How to lose weight:
Normally people do not eat food,but it is not the right way to lose the body weight.Dieting lacks the required nutrients in body which caused various diseases.Here are some tips to reduce weight of a body.

1.To lose the weight of a body,first of all change the living styles.Eating,sitting and sleeping must be done in right time.Physical exercises is very necessary.It is necessary to be active and fit everyday.

2.Take care of your diets. Do not eat more food at once,try to eat light foods.Avoid fried,spicy and fat containing foods.

3.Do not sit at one place for long time.Try to exercise your body,walk if you are at home or at office.

4.Regular exercises is very necessary to lose the body weight.

5.Avoid motor bikes and other vehicles,try to walk if possible.

6.Do not sleep immediately after eating food.There must be at least 3 hours between eating and sleeping.

7.Do not eat snacks while you are watching TV and playing mobiles phones,laptops.