Eat these fruits to avoid wrinkles

Every body want to look beautiful and attractive but getting older is the rule of the nature. Growing age caused wrinkles in the skin.It is a lines ridge in the skin.It is normal to get the wrinkles as we get older,it is a normal part of our life.

Wrinkles makes us looking older. people used various wrinkle f!ght!ng creams and beauty products to remove it.Here are some home remedies which are easily available at market and very effective to remove wrinkles from the skin.

Orange contain lots of nutrients,it is very rich in vitamins which helps to tighten the skin and makes glowing.Orange juice reduce the problem of aging and wrinkles.Regular apply of orange juice on face reduce acne and scars.

Apple have a special quality to make the skin soft and healthy.It is rich in copper and Vitamin C which make skin shiny and it provides required potassium to the skin.

It is well known as the pure fruit which have numerous health benefits.It contains necessary nutrients which helps to lose body weight and prevent from heart diseases.Papaya makes your skin fresh and helps to look younger.Its seeds are very beneficial to our health.

It is very essential to make your skin cool and soft.It is very rich in Vitamin C.Vitamins in watermelon prevents you from aging and wrinkles problem.Regular consumption of watermelon removes pores and hole of your skin.Piece of watermelon can be used as a cleanser.

It contains punicic acid,ellagic acid and antioxidants.Omega-3 fatty acids helps to increase skin cells.It is very rich in Vitamin A and normally used as moisturizer which keeps the skin moisture and prevent from dryness.