Include this food in breakfast for weight loss

Breakfast is eaten in the early morning which is very important for our health. It affect the whole day activities.Nowadays modern life styles of youngster is changeable.They work whole night or party and spending time watching TV programs late night.

It affect the health very badly. Most of the child wake up late and do not eat breakfast properly.They do not enough time to eat it. Some people avoid foods to weight loss but rather than losing in weight of body it negatively affect on health.There is the best way to weight loss with out dieting and avoiding foods.Breakfast must contain Vitamin,minerals and proteins.

Required ingredients:
1.1 cup of yogurt
2.1 teaspoon of coco powder
3.1 teaspoon of barley
4.1 teaspoon of horse gram
5. Take 7 plums

It should be made on night.Boil plums about 10 minutes and cut it into small pieces make a paste of it with the help of blender. Mix it well with all the ingredients and put inside the fridge. Eat it in the breakfast you will get better result and weight will loss.