Keep the shine of shoes

Leather shoes looked attractive but it is very difficult task to care it. Some men like to use expensive leather shoes. Right and safety methods should be applied to take care of leather shoes.

Qualitative leather shoes looks so cheap and commercial in contact with dust,mud and use of wrong way to polish it.It lows the confident gained by wearing leather shoes. Shrawan Shrestha,Director of sky shoes Bhrikuti mandap says if we use the right method for leather shoes,it will be durable and looks like new and attractive.Here are some tips how we can care leather shoes and keep looks like new.

1.Right polish:
Most of the people use liquid polish for the shoes. This type of polish mekes the leather shoes weak.It is better to use a good shoe brush.Safe your shoes from dirt and water.Use oil for outside cotting of shoes which makes the shoes water proof.Polishing shoes properly is very necessary thing. Always put your shoes in shoe rack.

2. Save the shoe shape:
It is related to the style and design of shoes.Everyone’s feet are differently shaped. If you can save the starting shape of shoes, it will be durable and lasting. Try to put it inside the shoe box after using it.You can put some paper and damp cloth inside shoes to maintain its shape.

3.Shoe Box:
shoe box are used to store shoes. Do not throw shoe box after purchasing it.It is very important to store shoes in box after every use.It saves shoes and lasting for long period of time.

4.Method of removing shoes:
We should care shoes to make new for long time.most of the people do not open shoes less when they remove shoes from feet.It damage the real shape of shoes.It looks unattractive and bored so,remove shoe in a proper way.