Things which we are using in a wrong way

We used the things around our home and office in a wrong way and we think we are using it in a proper way. When it comes to the everyday objects that we use around our houses,our offices,and school,After reading this information,you will realize that you were using it in a wrong way.
1.Eraser :
If you are using multi color eraser. first of all know that blue side of an eraser is useful for erasing on dark marks or which is written by ink.

2. Use of can cover:
It is very necessary to know that can cover have a hole to hold a straw.

3. Liquid flowing out from pot:
Normally,we all are irritate about this. We can use wooden spoon to get rigid from this problem.It stops boiling over.It is believed that the wooden spoon prevents heat from building up too much and preventing the liquid from boiling too high.

4. Hard cover in backside of shirt collar:
most of the people are unknown why hard cover is put on the collar. A hard cover is used in the shirt collar is not to hang the shirt but to prevent the collar from fold and ridge lines.It is to prevent from wrinkling in shirts.