Easy ways to peel garlic and egg n only second

Generally, people use either kn!fe or stone to peel Garlic. It takes more time and also pain on nails too. Due to these reasons, some people didn’t use garlic on food items. Garlic have maximum advantages towards our health. Here we show you the best way to peel the garlics without using kn!fe or stone and without any pain on hands.

First of all, take a glass and put a whole garlic into it. Cover the upper part of glass by plate but tightly. Move the glass like in the video for several minutes. It starts break into pieces and after sometime, peels remove out immediately. This is due to the pressure on garlic inside the glass.

Following the similar ways, you can also peel boiled eggs. After the eggs boiled, put it into a glass and fill it with cold water. Cover the upper part of glass tightly with steel plate and start moving the glass like in the video. After some minutes, you can find an egg ready for eat, without peel.