Incense smoke are h@rm*ful than cigarette smoke

In every religion and culture, Incense sticks are used for worship god and goddess. It is the most essential thing for every culture and religion. After the birth to de@th of people, it is used. It is used since thousands of years daily. Generally, people use it two times a day, morning and evening.

According to the latest research upon incense stick, smoke of incense stick are more dangerous than cigarette smoke. Research did in South China University of Technology found the conclusion that the smoke come from incense sticks are more d@ngerous and h@rmful for health than of cigarette.

“Smoke come from incense stick can cause brain tumor and cancer”, according to researcher. They find out the conclusion that, chemical that use to manufacture incense stick change in DNA after enter into human body and cause cancer. But the experiment was done with small sample which include four incense stick and a cigarette.