Causes of Itching skin fungal and its remedies

People said that their skin cause itching problem but the fact is due to fungal infection which active more in summer season. Fungal mainly arises in rotten food, cold places and in corner parts of home where sunlight never reached. In human body also, same thing is applied. At initial stage of human body, area between fingers, below of shoulder and area between two legs, fungal infected and start itching. It is called ‘dermatofitosis’ in medical language.

Sometime people face these type of problems even they care about sanitation. This health problem is transmissible diseases and may transfer the viruses from other’s body. Using same towel, dresses are also liable for such problems. Fungal infection may arises at any part of human body. It has not any special area like other health problem like stone, cancer and other. But at head, fungal infection will active only at the age between of 2 to 12 years. Men are more suffer than female by these type of diseases. It’s shape is like of coin. Women always care about sanitation and men go outside more so that men are more suffer from fungal infection.

Measure remedies
People use different medicines which they like and which pharmacist give. Many people face the more problem of fungal infection even after treatment. Some think that, it is normal and simple health problem. But all are not right. Some medicine can work for short time but if people stop using medicine such problem arises immediately. Most people avoid soap after fungal infection which is not true. Soap is the best way to clean our body and protect from fungal infection.

Preventive measures
The main causes of fungal infection can give the 80% knowledge about preventive measures. Beside this, sanitation is necessary and never keep your body cool. Never use cloth before remove all water from body after bath. Never use nylon clothes. Always put the clothes at sunlight after wash. It destroyed the fungal infection from clothes.