200 Year Old Mummified Buddhist Monk

A mummified monk found sitting in the lowest position on January 27 in mongolia. This monk is not dead but in a very deep meditation.Its 200 years old and preserve in animals can.Some expert person says that monk is in actually in a special meditation. Kahuhi is a Mongolian institute of Buddhist art at Colombia Buddhist university said lama was sitting in the lowest position,the left hand is opened and right hand is civilized. This is found that the lama is not de@d but in a deep meditation according to the ancient Buddhist lama.

The dalai lama said,I had the privilege to take care of some mediators who were in the tukdam state.If the person is able to remain in this state for more than three weeks which rarely happens-his gradually shrinks,and in the end all that remains from the person is hairs,nails,clothes.Usually in this case peoples who live next to the monks see the rainbow glow in the sky for several days.This means he has found a rainbow body,this is higher state close state to the Buddha.The monk had been stolen from the another part of the country and about to sold off.The monk is now being as a god at a national center.Also I am not saying this person is in the deep meditation because I don’t know but I do believed that certain monks can do meditation for a very long period of time.

For example there is the famous story of buddhi lama cave.It is the place where buddhi lama used to face a meditation for 9 years.It is said buddhi lama photo is reflected in the stone.This is the stone called of buddhi lama shadow. There are also other story of monks who have meditation for a so long.