Grandmother in the road of Kathmandu

Parents, those people who are always getting high value than everything in this World. In western countries, parents and their children stay together at the time of son’s or daughter’s marriage. But in Eastern countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, parents and their children stay together.

According to all religion, parents are the great god and goddess among all other. They are Earth and Sky according to Hindu community. But some children become careless about their parents, mostly in Nepal and India. After receiving all the property of parents, their children become careless and never see towards them. Many cases are in front of us about the life of parents after hand-over their property to children.

This video is about a mother who is in street of Kathmandu nearby Kathmandu Durbar Square. He sleep on street all the day and some people give her money, foods and clothes. She is from Ramechhap and her husband was d!ed. After her husband de@d, her son become careless towards her. He sale all the property and build a house in Kathmandu. She stay at nearby temple and sleep there at night time. She think that her life is totally dam%age after her husband fun#eral. This video is just only a representative video. There are many other similar cases in our country. Due to such activities, many old-age homes are made by different organizations.