Police pun!$hed if a citizen cross the road without zebra-crossing and unable to paid fine

Today we are here to talk about the traffic rules and regulation who will give us information by lokendra bahadur malla. We are here to ask him how it is helping by the rules that has been followed from jestha 16 that citizen cant cross the road without zebra crossing and have to pay 200 fine pr person.What feedback have you found by this rules?WE have found good feedback by this rules.From the beginning to now to whom we have arrested and where giving counselling has been decreasing day by day.

It has found that people start walking in a proper way,they are crossing the road from the zebra crossing and they are using overhead bridge.People has said government does not provide us information about this,what you will say for this topic?We had given information for this rules through different social media,even from the Fm police.Peoples are saying they have do to district wise communicate and even they had said how to cross road from zebra crossing?Even we are catch by police while crossing road from zebra crossing. First off all they have know why is zebra cross is made.and they have to understand the importance of zebra crossing. This rules is made for their safety life.To be out of more accidents this rules is made.We have gave information to the people who came from out district so we have given information through the help of different social medias.

It is said that if citizen put his first foot in the zebra crossing then the vehicles have to stop 2 meter far from the zebra crossing. And how much this system is being followed and has been punished or not?If some vehicles cross the stop line then any kind of vehicles whether it is private or government we are taking fine and we start giving punishment to them.How many vehicles have been punishment for this?30 40 vehicles are been punished per day.If some one cross the line break the rules and while they came here to take license and have to take 3 hours class,in this situation what people used to give you negative or positive impact? Every driver have to learn about traffic rules and regulation while they take license. Those who break the rules for them we are taking class to teach them about the traffic rules and regulations.WE are not giving irritate to them we are just giving this rules for their saftey life.While give punishment to those people who break the rules,how many number are there who have got punishments?!0 thousand above people are cross in our data.Now the rate has been decreasing like at first there used to be 2-3 thousand then now it will be like 500.How do you counsel them,by bring in the center traffic location or by why?We used to counsel them in every center of traffic.We used to give knowledge about them by the importance of traffic rules and regulation and to cross road from zebra crossing.WE are doing all this to get out of accidents,to get long life. Who take this rules in a positive way then they think it is a good rules who takes in a negative way then they feel irritate. Thank you for giving time for us.

Lets have interview with traffic who give knowledge about traffic rules and regulation before taking licenses. First we used to give knowledge by visual.We used to give knowledge them about traffic rules and regulation and bout lane.Citizen are taking this class very carefully we have not get any complain about anything by anyone.Peoples are saying they are getting extra knowledge about traffic rules and regulation.They are saying it is good system to take class and to provide knowledge to them.