Panche Baja Dance

Different countries have different ethics groups, religion, casts and their cultures. Nepal is a diversity country where more than two hundred casts and more than forty ethics are available. Every ethics and groups have their own culture. Bhramin celebrate Dashain, Bratamandha, Sraddha and other. Similarly, Tamanf celebrate Loshar and dance Sakela.

Here in the video, Tamang ladies perform the dance according to their culture in their cultural dresses. This video is shoot by ‘Sunaulo. com’. In the video, four ladies are dancing very lightly but their performance was awesome. Even professional dancer also difficult to dance like these steps performed by ladies. Every steps, even hard steps too, ladies performed easily and entertain the people.

Not only dance, but also music is also equally attractive. This type of traditional song is available in Tamang and Ghale community. They follow Buddhism. From the adult to aged, all age group dancers are in the video. They don’t know about break dance, they don’t know about free style dance and other type of dance styles. But they perform that type of dance as per their tradition and culture which is very beautiful.