Formation of Pathivara Mata of Taplejung

Pathivara, most popular temple of East Nepal situated in Taplejung district at the altitude of 12,448 feet. It has different name. Local people said Pathivara Devi, ‘Mukkumlung’ in Limbu language. Pathivara is also considered in the holy book of Limbu people. Many pilgrimage from different part of Nepal and India worship Pathivara devi and they sure that devi fulfill the desire of every people who have clean heart.

It is not so easy to reached at Pathivara temple. After the long journey upto Taplejung district headquarter, 19.2 kilometer long distance have to be covered by foot. Active local people return back at headquarter at night after worshiping goddess on same day. Green forest and lack of oxygen at high altitude make problem in walking.

In ancient time, people made a ship pen at there where a temple is situated. One day, all the ships were escaped from there. Owners feel tension. It was night time. They agree to searched all the ships in next morning and slept. After sometime, five unmarried ladies came into their’s dream and said they made sheep pen at god area. The escaped sheep were under their control. Give five sheep and remove the sheep pen from there. Next morning all the sheeps were presented at same place. Owners choose the big five sheeps and give to god. They also make a temple there. Later, during the time of 2056 B.S. the statue of Lord Durga carried by people at there.

This is a story about Pathivara temple. The main mystery thing of that temple is people cu!t the kid and lamb to give b!ood to Devi. But the b!ood disappear immediately. Local people and priest said that, Devi accepted the b!ood of animals.