Mitra Lal Pandit 84 year got married with Lila Kumari Gyawali

Old age people are the most sensitive and they want more love, care and affection from their children. They want to settle their remaining life by worshiping god and visit the holy temples of country. But a old age couple get married at the age of 80’s.

This video is about the life and marriage at old age from Palpa district. A 84 years old man got married with a woman of 79 years old. Mitralal Bhattarai got married with a local woman Lila Kumari Gyawali. Their marriage also get the valid document and acceptance from the side of government because Lila Gyawali got a citizenship card from the name of her new husband, Mitra Lal Bhattarai on 11 Baisakh, 2074.

Beside of their marriage, both of them were in problems. Instead of have lots of children of Bhattarai and Gyawali, they stay in their home alone. Four years ago, wife of Bhattarai d!ed on vehicle @cc!dent. His children are in city areas and in foreign country. He live in a house alone. Similarly, husband of Gyawali also got married with another women. Both of them were living alone so they decided to live together and got married.