Interview With Deepa Shree And Kedar Ghimire

Deepak Raj Giri announced to make sequel of Chhakka Panja. However, it will not be perfect sequel of the movie.
Chhakka Panja was biggest hit of 2016 in Nepali Film Industry. The movie had collected about 17 crore in the box office which is highest ever collection in Nepali Film Industry.

New movie chakka panja 2 shooting is almost going to be over.Near we have Deepa shree niraula the director of chakk panja 2 and we are talking about how the shooting gets started how much fun they had in the time of shooting.Lets welcome shree niraula in the show.Almost chakka panja2 shooting is going to be end.Just two three days left to finish this shooting.We are enjoying in the time of shooting as well as it is sad that time came to say bye bye to all the unit of this movie.Like we did comedy in chakka panja like wise we did comedy in chakka panja 2 also.All the artist has been enjoying while shooting and they are helping to make his shooting much more better.This time you work with new artist like Aayushman desraj joshi,sostima and sworoop.I will ask you individually one by one,first i would like to ask how you feel while working with sostima?I feel laugh while i listen her name.first she was as a heroine but after she came in our field she became as a comedian.She is a good and talented.She used to make comedy in every sector while shooting.And how you feel while working with sworoop and aayushman? Sworoop is kind of innocent boy but when he came our field he also used to do comedy and aayushman joshi is a talented boy.Once we give him script he will understand and start to do.In this movie aayushman have a guest character.

How many days it takes for the shooting?It took 45 days for a shooting.What is the unforgettable moment within this 45 days?Every time every second is unforgettable moment while we where shooting because all the unit of this shooting is almost all are comedian and helpful.All the artist we come in our field used to get entertainment and those we used to say i will not talk i will keep silence such artist also used to have fun and start to do comedy.
How you feeling while doing direction in second movie?It will feel afraid whether it is first movie or second movie. Pople used to say there will be the target to break the record of other movie but we never go back to break the record of movie.We move forward thinking to make a good movie in the industry,to give entertainment to the people.We will try our best not to make them unhappy by our movie.Which destination you went for the shooting?Pokhara,palpa,dhulikhel,kathmandu.

Now lets talk with Kedar ghimire. How you feel while working with new artist?WE are having fun.They are new but they don’t act like they are new to our field.They all are open heart and talented artist.There is any unhappy moment while shooting?I have to do dance in the music video where they said me to dance at 12 noon it was sunny.It was just left to say i cant work but suddenly the climate change and we start shooting.But it was not unhappy moment.How you feel while coming in the end of the shooting?After realizing movie how it will be any worry about it?Movie is related to the comedy. We have try our best to make you entertainment and movie will not make you upset and the movie is good.