Recent Video About Road @cc!dent

These days we have been hearing lots of @c!ident happening. This is due to weather as well as geographical condition of our country. Here in this video we can see a recent road @c!ident .

This @c!ident happened on road when the bus was doing overtake to another bus.This happened with the vehicle that was going from Janakpur to kakadvitta. Bus fell 10 meter down and it took 2 people along with it. They were just sitting but that bus while doing overtake was in speed and it got to opposite direction and hit that man. This is such an d*e@dly @cc!dent.

Those people are taken to hospital but people who were inside the bus are safe. Driver of bus ran away doing this activity as he knew that it was his fault. This road is between jungle but people use this way very often. This happened due to the race of that two vehicle.

These days most of the road is been made and lots of roads are like racing road and most of drivers drive thinking like this and lots of @c!ident held. It was told that before this many @c!ident happened on this place. Here in this video you can see this @c!ident live.