Wife left her husband and eloped with her Facebook lover

5Years ago she had married by her choice.Everything where going nicely.After 2 years of marriage they got daughter and they get more happy.Both husband and wife were jobless so it became hard to manage in the family.They used to get problem between each other time by time.Due to the economically poor condition her home member help her husband to go abroad for working visa.This is the story of Bimala rai from Okhaldhunga.

After her husband went abroad she also started to work in Kathmandu and stay with her uncle and aunt.She used to stay at swyambhu and due to the help of her home owner daughter she started to use Facebook. With the help of Facebook she meet new people and they start relation.From the Facebook she was going to be sold.One boy from baidati who recently lives in india,he called her mahendra nagar from Kathmandu. And Maiti Nepal arrested both of them while they were passing the way from gaddachauki to India. Bimala said from 1 years we had relation with each other from facebook. After 2-3 month regular talk he propose me. Bimala have not seen that guy before anywhere except facebook.Due to the blind love she left home and went for that unknown person. Bimala said,he had said he is studying in delhi after i clear my study i will marry you and take you home.

I am ready to go baithadi but i will not return back to my home,she said.Co-ordinator of maitinepal bhatta said boy age is just 17 years old and he is recently studying in grade 10 in delhi.In her point of view school member said him to do such activities. Bimala was saying i will go delhi by any cost. Bimala said her husband used to give her punishment everywhere so i left and came.She left her 3 years old daughter in her uncle aunt home.
It may be also because of love and attraction but you should not send them without knowing them.2 years ago girl from Kathmandu went to marry in banabasa who was totally unknown.But when she saw her Facebook lover she cant take decision.She regret while her Facebook lover is crippled.