You people have been pouncing me mystery creatures photos.Today i am going to say you about top 5 favorites.
1.It is send by kingburrito.I thought it was fake but it turn out into real.It is spectacles bear from south America,that has mysteriously lost all it’s hair.Her name is dolores and she is part of beer and exhibit from Leipzig zoo from Germany.All the female of the zoo lost their hair.

2.It is send by Jerryman. He want to know wheather it is true or not.It is called the Aye Aye or Madagascan dyschirius. It is the world largest nocturnal primate and was first discovered by Pierre Sonnera on the shores of madagascar. It is consider to be a leemur and is not dangerous at all.

3.It is send by official Yenshen. She wants to know it is real or fake. Yenshen it is not real it’s totally fake.It’s an art piece created by Patricia Piccinini called ‘The young family’.It’s meant to be protest against the practise of implanting human genes into animal to create new medicines.Some people think it is dangerous and want it to be more regulated before we end up with something like this the famous ‘vacanti’mouse that appears to growing a human ear.

4.It is send by William barker.Will you believe or not this is a real.It is a piglet born in china to a farmer named feng. Her wife told reporter that it was one five newborn of the family sow.It was born with two thin lips and one small nose and two big eyes.It’s rear leg is much longer than it’s forelegs.

5.It is send by Manic Bob.This is the picture of translucent creature and its real.A number of reliable news sources reporter of New zerland steward fraser found this little number floating on the surface of the ocean.The number of expert said this may be the Salpa Maggiore fish.