Shiva Linga found in the temple of Muslim

At present time, there is a breaking news in social media sites. Maximum people share the picture in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and other. The pictures contain a idol of Lord Shiva and his Nandi mount on the temple of Muslim. Lord Shiva is a god of Hindu community and his symbol of Lingam and Nandi is found inside of Muslim praying house.
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This picture is being popular through all types of social media sites like Whatsapp, Facebook. Before 1400 years, in the history of Arab, they prayed idols of god and goddess. That history is also accepted by Muslim intelligence groups. This picture again support the truth of idol worshiped in past.

The picture of the Muslim prayer house including Lingam and Nandi was first posted by Punit Sharma in social media site. As per him, the picture belongs to the old Muslim prayer house “Rasa Masjid” at Saudi Arabia. He uploaded the picture on June 2, 2017 giving a caption ‘Rasa is an old praying temple of Muslim where we found Shiva Lingam and Nandi while zoom it. Long live Shiva’.