KP Bhandari a business man from Nepal earns ten lakh per month

Nepalese society includes old parents, adult married women and little children. There is no active man in maximum home of Nepal. The main reason of such situation is foreign employment, inflation and unemployment. Most of the parents force to make passport with citizenship and give that type of environment from where active group people have to go foreign countries.
We have many examples of such situation but have very few example of those people who become success even also did work in own country. This is s story of a 26 years old man who earns more than 1 million Nepali currencies in a month. K.P. Bhandari from Dang, Rampur-8 earns around 10l lakhs every month from his business of Hardware. He was born in simple farmer’s family. He woke up at 4 in the morning and did all work of house. At that time, education was also not good.

Bhandari did work from 4 a.m to 9 a.m and went school for knowledge. He did hard work and passed S.L.C from Dang, Rampur. Further more study, he went Lamahi, Dang and stay with brother. He started to do work on her brother’s shop. He traveled 30 kilometers to per day when he was a collector of his brother’s shop. He was an artist and did work in more than 3 dozens of drama. He also worked as a journalist in Dang. At the time of struggle phase, he slept only 4 hours a night and did work remaining time.

Due to hard work and talent mind, now he becomes a successful and rich person of Western Part of Nepal. He is now at Nepaljung and have own business of hardware. People of Nepaljung know him totally and also knows his business name, Ganapati Hardware. He makes his name branded in Western part of Nepal.

source: suryakhabar