Health problems due to late dinner

People of today’s society suffers from different health problems due to imbalance diet and more work in front of computer. Working in computer less exercise and digestive system as well as other system of our body become passive. Due to these, different health problems arise.

People eat, due to busy schedule, delicious food in dinner which is bad for health and cause different health problems like gastric, ulcer and other. You have to eat balanced, healthy and nutritious food at right time at right quantity. As per Food and Nutrition specialist, you have to eat food of night before 3 hours of sleeping time.

Here are some disadvantages of taking late dinner.
1. It increase cholesterol which cause heart problem.
2. Taking dinner at late night cause lack of sleep time which decrease the working capacity and increase stress.
3. Dinner at late night cause high blood pressure.
4. It cause fatness and increase fat in body.
5. Dinner at late night also increase blood sugar level and cause diabetes.
6. It also cause problem in digestion.
7. It also may cause lack of feeling asleep.

Generally, it is not good to take dinner after 8 P.M. in the context of Nepal. It is necessary to digest the food before you sleep. So, make a routine of taking dinner before 3 hours of sleeping time.