Advantages of sleep on ground

People of today’s society sit on chair and sleep on expensive bed. In past, our grandfathers use ground to seat and sleep. They use ground to eat foods. They live more than 80 years but only few around 5% was d!ed before 80 years, But in present time, this data become vice-versa. Only 5% people of present
time live more than 70 years. This is due to imbalance health and lack of awareness.

Here are some advantages of sleep and sit on ground level rather that chair and expensive bed.
– Use ground level to sleep if you have problems of pain on waist and back.
– Continuous work sitting on chair in front of computers cause several health problems like problem on waist and back. For the treatment of this, sleep on ground level.
– Sleep on ground level helps in blood circulation system.
– Sleeping on ground level is the best way of removing stress and tension.
– Sleeping on ground level also helps to feel sleepy easily and immediately.