A couple in park

$ex is become a basic needs of human beings with Food, Cloth and Shelter. Without $ex, life of human beings will stopped and life cycle will finished. But, all basic needs are share with many people of society except $ex. People have to marriage with a person to do the activity of $ex.

People eat foods in front of mass people too. Similarly, they wear cloths to covered the body in front of mass of people and last one, shelter means house. People build house and other people can see their house. The main thing is that, people can share these three basic needs with people easilt but they never share another basic needs, i.e. $ex with many people. Even they do $ex in a private place or room.

But, a couple of United States of America, Robert Beasley of 28, and Desiree Anderson of 28, were filmed engaging in the lewd act on the bleachers at the State Fair Park in Milwaukee on Saturday, did $exu@l activities in front of relatives and lots of people. News media sites of America are active this time due to the video of such activity in front of people. Their activity was caught in CCTV camera but also they knew that there is a CCTV camera and their activity was recorded because, a man said hi looking towards the camera.