What does actress Rekha Thapa do on bed especially at night

Rekha Thapa. This name is too much popular for the Nepali people. From old age to child, from professional workers to unemployed people, from doctors to politician, all people know the name and recognize a face of Rekha Thapa. She is a most popular actress of Nepali movie industry. Before 5 years, she was a single actress who c@pture the movie industry of Nepal.

She worked in more than hundred of movies during the time of 10 years. She worked with all type of male artists from Rajesh Hamal to Aryal Sigdel, Jiwan Luitel, Raj Ballav Koirala. People know her due to her acting and character. She was little fat and have little black skin. But now, she is doing fitness for the movie Ram Pyari. The day starts with thinking about the schedule on bed. After that, make her body active and go for fitness. She join Indreni Fitness Center of Gaushala. Nowadays, she wake-up at 5 A.M for the movie Rampyari. Otherwise, she woke-up at 7 A.M only.

Before de$truct!ve earthqu@ke, she did Yoga with home teacher. After the de$truct!ve earthqu@ke, she went United States of America for two months. She said that, she did continuous Yoga in America. She returned Nepal some days ago and is busy for the movie Rampyari.