Deepak Kumar Malik thre@t*n Police

A person is escape after k!ll a person who try to did b@d activities with his girlfriend. He give open thre@ten to Indian Police. He is using his Facebook account and update his status and conditions, but police of India is not able to @rre$ted him.

Deepak Kumar Malik from Rajasthan, India k!lled a person Bindo Beniwal some days ago because she did $exu@l h@rrasement with a girlfriend of Deepak. On August 7, 2017 local time 4:58 P.M., Deepak wrote a status on his own Facebook account that a person lost his life due to the b@d activites with his girlfriend. Similarly, 2 minutes ago, he also wrote a long status targeting that man and Indian police, special branch of Shreenagar.