Russia @tt@ck in Syria

On last Tuesday, in Syria, de$tructive chemical att@ck was did by the internal forces of country. A picture was being popular from social media sites which shows the very nostalgic and sentimental condition of people of Syria. A man is carrying two babies in his both hadn who were d!ed. This picture touch the hear of people all over the World.

before this, a de@d body of small baby found in ocean make the people sentimental. A picture of 3 years old baby Aayalan Kurdi and 5 years old Umran Daknis make World sentimental and nostalgic. Again a picture of Syrian twins babies of 9 months make World sentimental. Another serious news about a father of those babies is that, he did funer@l of those twins babies at same place where his did funer@l of other his 22 family members.

In Syria, as per present data, 30 children, 20 women and more than 4 hundreds people were d!ed due to internal confl!ct and di$pute. But as per Human Right Associations, these number can be more as evaluating the present condition of Syria.