Salman Khan have two expensive dogs

Most expensive actor of Bollywood industry is Salman Khan who is popularly known as ‘Sultan’. He earn too much money from the movies and his own company called as ‘Being Human’. He live like a royal family. His habits and attraction are different. Among them, one want and habits is dog.

He had two dogs name My Son and My Jaan. Both of them were d!ed in 2016 and after that he feel bad and sentimental. As per media reporter, Salman love those dogs too much. Many times, Salman carried those dogs on the set of ‘Big Boss’ program. After the de@th of these two dogs, now he have different breeds dogs in his house. He give the name Mogali, Sent and My Love. Their value is around 2 lakhs rupees.

He spend more than 50 thousands rupees for each dog. He love them too much. Once, a sho)ting of movie Bajarangi Bhaijaan was doing on the set. He heard the news about the physical condition of dog and he stopped the work of Bajarangi Bhaijan and return home.