Condition of Jhapa

Due to excessive, heavy and continuous rainfall in all parts of Nepal, natural cal@mities like fl)od, landsl!de occurs in different parts of Nepal. Till now, more than 40 people were found de@d and many are missing. Thousands of houses and families are de$troyed. Similarly, in Jhapa district, Jhapa village development committee, four people are found de@d and many are missing.

Due to the fl)od of Kankai river and Jhiljhile river, four people are d!ed. Kamala Ghorasaini from Jhapa Village Committee-2 and Bijay Pandey, 28 years old from Shivashatakshi- 1 are found de@d. Mother of Kamala and all four family members of Kaliprasad Rajbanshi from Jhapa Village Committe-2 are missing.

Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, Nepal Police and local people are searching their body either alive or de@d according to the police officer of Jhapa, Mr. Hari Prasad Sharma.