India didn’t open the remaining door of Saptakoshi Barage

Bridge above Saptakoshi river called as ‘Koshi Barrage’. Koshi is formed from the seven big rivers of Nepal. Due to heavy and excessive rainfall in all parts of Nepal, pressure of water is more in all rivers like Koshi, Narayani, Karnali, Mahakali and many others. But the main problem of Nepal is Koshi Barrage because it is under the government of India, situated in Nepal.

After the heavy rainfall and more pressure of water in Koshi Barrage, Nepal government request to open all doors which contain 52 doors to Indian government. But yet, Indian government open only 33 doors fully and 5 doors half. The present pressure of Koshi is 2.79 lakh cusec as per the barrage control room.

Indian government is not opening the all doors because of the present condition of barrage of Koshi. If the cusec of water reached upto 3 lakh, then only Indian Government send a team of engineer and will do as per the idea and steps of those engineer.

Before this, Indian government and a team of Koshi Barrage never open all the doors of Koshi Barrage. Many times, Nepal face a problem of flo)d in the villages of Nepal due to closed doors of Koshi barrage.