Urge to stay alert , police themselves drown at Bardibas

Due to excessive, heavy and continuous rainfall in all parts of Nepal, natural cal@mities like fl)od, landsl!de occurs in different parts of Nepal. Most of the districts of terai region are facing the problems due to fl)od. Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal police are active to help people of such area.

But, a police station and many other government offices of Mahottari districts are containing water and they are affected by fl)od. Police offices and quarters of high level police officers of Mahottari district are under the water. There is water at 4 feet above the ground level. !0 units of police office of Mahottari are under water due to fl)od.

Similarly, district drinking water office, district hospital and health post, distric j@il of Jaleshwor, Jaleshwor municipality city office and many other government offices are sink under water. Around fifty houses of Jaleshwor are under water. Police and local people are unable to go from one unit to another and from one house to another. Highway of Janakpur and Mahottari is totally closed. Due to de$troyed of electricity pillars, communication and electricity in Mahottari is totally disturbed.