Kedar Ghimire (Magne Buda) wrote Facebook status targeting Dr. Govinda KC

This time, Nepal is facing two serious problems; fl0od in Terai region and demand of Dr. Govinda K.C. The demand of Govinda K.C.’s are right but some people said that the ways of demanding is not good and applicable. Many people are supporting Dr. Govinda K.C. at this time and government had did sign on the demand paper of Dr. K.C but yet, the duties of government is not properly done.

Most popular comedian artist, Kedar Ghimire ‘Magne Budo’ wrote a Facebook Status about the condition of Dr. Govinda K.C. and the rules of Nepal governments. He wrote the status in very clever way. He asked to Dr. K.C about why he asked to fulfill his all demand with empty stomach. He wrote that, most popular artists of Nepal, like Bhuwan K.C., Kiran K.C. and Shusmita K.C. are not staying with empty stomach. He is a doctor and the duties of doctor in the context of Nepal are check the patients, offer expensive medicines, collect commission from such medicines and earn money.

He also satire to Nepal government in the name of Dr. Govinda K.C. that, why Dr. K.C. is trying to stop the business of agent company of foreign employment. Why he is trying to stop the work of drivers, helpers and development program of gulf countries. He request him in a satire way that, he also have family, think about family members and their development. Never d@mage his health anymore.