16 year girl Dipti from Bharatpur

A lady save the life of four people after her de@th. A 16 years old lady make her school, friends and village nostalgic. Dipti from Bharatpur, Rajastha, India was travelling for the tour and visti many temples of India. Before she said bye to her friends, she did lots of enjoyment and said that, she was going up. her friends request her to not to say anything while on travelling.

But, her joke become truth. She got an @cc!dent and she d!ed. She was going to worship at Gogamadi, Rajasthan. She said to her friends that they will miss her badly. But it become truth. Her friends are missing her and her that sentence. But, she save the life of four people. She already donate her both kidneys, liver and heart before de@th.