Rakshya Bhandari and Khem Pd Baral from Morang, Kerabari

A love couple from Kerabari-2, Morang, Nepal did su!cide on last Thursday, 1st Bhadra, 2074 B.S. 17 years old Rakshya Bhandari and 19 years old Khem Prasad Baral were in love relationship since many years. They both passed the SLC examination from Machhindra Secondary School, Kerabari, Morang. Family of both, Rakshya and Khem, didn’t accepted their relationship and they directly rejected the further deep relationship with them.

On 1 Bhadra, 2074, Rakshya entered into her room said she was suffering from headache. After some hours, family found her de@th. Khem Prasad Baral was in his cultivating land making a irrigation on his land, when he heard the news about Rakshya. He returned back at home and also did su!cide. He wrote a su!cide note including name of Rakshya. He wrote that, Rakshya was ill since some days. Due to family pressure, he was unable to do anything for Rakshya. He was alone after her such decision.

He also wrote that, did funer@l as per Hindu community at a same place and a same time. But, Rakshya’s funer@l was already done by her family. But, family members of Khem did funer@l at same place of Rakshya. In this way, a love story was finished of Rakshya and Khem Prasad.