Twins ducklings from same egg

Have you ever heard or see the twins babies from the egg of birds? Of course not. It is a news of Canada where two ducklings were born from same egg. They are twins and the health condition of both ducklings are good as per veterinarian doctor.

The twins ducklings have different and separate head, different but connected body and same leg. A lady from Nova Scotia, Canada, Ms. Ambar Bornen is producing the artificial ducklings from the eggs. She is doing such work since many years but she never got such twins ducklings. Twins ducklings in house is the symbol of good time and person can earn more money is his/her remaining life.

Ambar decided to grow such twins ducklings in her won house. In 2009 A.D., in England, there were also twins ducklings born. She gave the name Nova and Scotia to that twins ducklings.