Things to be remember while uploading picture on Facebook

Sometimes, while you upload the picture in Facebook, it turns int low quality and sometime it rotate in either 90 degree left and right or 180 degree. It makes you feeling irritate. In an average, more than 35 crore pictures were uploaded in Facebook daily. Due to this, sometime the site of Facebook and its server may be slow.

To protect the site from unnecessary things, Facebook change the quality of picture into different pixels. You have to remember these following four things while uploading picture on Facebook.

1. Before uploading the picture in Facebook, save the picture in default size of Facebook through image edit program.

2. To protect from compression, upload the picture less than 100 kilobyte file in cover photo.

3. Facebook give the function of JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format of picture.

4. Before uploading the picture, click at high quality box which appear at the left part of your window. It protect the quality of picture.