Saying We!rd Things To Girls

Funk You is an entertainment YouTube channel which sho)t the videos of normal people without knowing them. Doing such activities in front of public people and give surprise to them is known as Pr@nk. Funk You Entertainment is the most largest and most subscribed YouTube channel of pr@nk videos.

This video “Saying We!rd Things To Girls” is released in 2 September, 2017 through its official YouTube channel. In the video, a boy asked about the phone from where he can use internet and send a message to his friend. When girls trying to give him phone, he said some comedy and unusual things to them which make their mind divert. The video was totally comedy and entertainment based.

Girls are more sensitive in their won things like mobile cell phones, their dresses, their body structures and so on. Particularly, they make the target to girls who are in adult age because they want to looks beautiful and attractive.