New Lok Song Aama video by Surya Khadka

Nepali lok dohori song “Aama” is about the life of those Nepali houses whose family member/s is/are in foreign countries. Due to inflation, high price level and unemployment in Nepal, many Nepalese people are in foreign countries to earn the money. Many people earn money and send that to Nepal where their family live. Around 6% foreign Nepali employer spend their life in foreign countries and return Nepal into a coff!n box.

This song “Aama” is also about the life of that mother whose husband and son stop their life in foreign countries while doing work. Surya Khadka presented this most nostalgic and heart touching lok dohori song presented by Gurans Music Private Limited which was released on 31 August, 2017. Singer and musician for the song is Surya Khadka where lyricist is Prashant Paudel. Production and distribution of this song is done by Gurans Music Private Limited.

In the video, Rama Thapaliya is starring as mother, Surbir Pandit as father and Chetan Aryan as son who work in foreign country. Director of the video for this song is Smriti Timlasina where cinematographer and editor are Suresh Shrestha and Sudhan Basnet respectively. Post production of this song is done by Guruaama FIlms Private Limited.