Health problems due to lack of protein

Protein is the most essential elements that need by our body. For the development of physical structure to mental and social well-being, protein is essential. For muscles, organs, respiratory system and immunity power are based on protein of body that we absorbed from foods item. If your body lacks protein, different types of health problems will arise in body. Such health problems are describe below.

Fall of hair and small size of hair: Generally, the size of hair is little thick but if it turns into thin size, it is due to lack of protein. Due to lack, body didn’t transfer amount of protein to nails and hairs. As a result, hairs and nails grow slowly. Swelling of eyes: Due to lack of protein, plasma also contain less protein. Due to this, level of hemoglobin also decrease which cause anemia and swelling of eyes. Tiredness: Due to lack of protein, body feel tired even without doing any type of work. Protein helps to balanced sugar level in body, it will cause diabetes if protein is low. Also, the size of muscles will start decrease due to lack of protein. People feel more hungry due to lack of protein.

Feeling unhealthy: Due to lack of protein, immunity power also decrease. Due to this, people suffer from different types of health problems. Diarrhea: Protein also affect the digestive system. If body lacks protein, people suffer from dysentery and diarrhea. Sources of Protein: Beans and similar items contain lots of protein but take with green vegetables and Egg also contain protein. It contain all eight type of amino-acid