After Facing These Problems, Can Reach Manang, Share It For Information.

Among the important tourism sector Annapurna Highway is in d@ng*r. The distance from Besi sahar to Manang is 10 kilo-meters, the way of Besi shar to chame is not graveled totally. There reach the road but not used properly. So, the journey is still in d@ng*r.

Driver puts their life in d@ng*r to reach the journey of tourists. Even there is a d@ng*r in life, driver is providing the facility to reach the journey of tourists, said by driver Netra Bahadur Thapa.
In the comparision to past driving becomes easy but in the absence of proper bridge, still face problems.
The roads of Manang, itself is hard. And also presence of streams in place to place and absence of bridges. But there are bridges of wood is the annual problem faced by them.
In the winter seasons, streams dried out because of snow fall. But in summer, sunlight melts the snow and started flooding. Because of it Tourists need to stay in the beach after these short distance journey. The distance is short but because of these problems, journey takes 2 days of time to reach Manang , said by driver Buddhakumar Ghising.