2 Methods of cooking Rice that decreases the Calorie

Now many people take out rice from their menu. More calorie produce after consuming rice and that may be the reason of fat. Most of the people’ opinion is that fat, increase diabetes, high blood pressure.
Though you know the method of cooking rice, it may decrease the calorie. The tips may be useable for those who want to consume rice.

It is the simple method. Simply: You can use it while you are cooking. You need to cook in another cooking pot not in pressure cooker. While boiling the rice you need to put much water than you did as usual. When the rice boils, you need to take out white juicy water. Then add a juice of a lemon. It will decrease the calorie. As well as, it is hygienic and can get vitamin C.

It is a bit different and may surprise because it needs coconut oil. You need to cook rice in coconut oil. Same as in method-1, you need to add coconut oil while boiling the rice.
Now you need to put the boiled rice to the refrigerator around 10 hours. Then you can have it. It is beneficial to heath. It changes the chemical structure of rice and decrease the calorie. This method helps to decrease 10-50 percent of calorie.

Benefits of Consuming Rice
1. You can get complex, carbohydrate and vitamin-B while consuming rice daily.
2. Rice is easy to digest and not need to worry about diarrhoea and digestive problem.
3. If you have the problem of urine, you can drink the mixture of rice flour, soda and sugar. It will remove your urine problem.