A country where President is a tourist guide, total population is 29

Have you ever heard a name of nation in this World which contain only 29 people? Of course not. It is a real news of a country in this World. Similarly, have you ever heard that, president walk on the road with other people for giving information about their country? Of course not. In this news, we discuss about such country in this World where President is a tourist guide and the total population is 29.

It is a story of Molossia which is also known as the self-proclaimed Republic of Molossia. It is a micro-nation in the United States of America which is founded by Kevin Baugh onJuly 30, 1962 and the headquartered at his home near Dayton, Nevada. The Republic of Molossia has claimed itself a particular nation, not a nation into USA but it is not recognized as a country by the United Nations or any other country.

The total population of Molossia is 33 where there are 29 people and 4 dogs. As per dailymail of India, they have own rules and regulations, currency and cultures. You can visit the whole country in just two hours.