I-Phone 8 had put the record in it’s price, 12 Hundred Dollar

Only one week is left for the formal opening of new I-Phone. All the characteristics had been came out. It has no probability to come out with any big surprise.

Rather the price of latest smart phone of apple brand makes confusion. It’s maximum price is 12 hundred dollar. Isn’t it shocking.

According to the American Newspaper Force, there are many alternatives: three storage option and high price had been fixed during the starting of an I-Phone.

I-Phone 8 has the entry level of 64 GB Model and cost 9 hundred 99 dollar without taxes. As medium level with 256 GB Model cost 1 thousand 99 dollar and the high memory with 5 hundred 12 GB Model cost 11 thousand 99 hundred.

As usual, according to apple storage, it had maintained the difference of 1 hundred dollar in which 2 hundred 76 GB creates the creative situation with the price of 1 hundred 12 GB storage. Apple never says, ‘Buy another 192 GB and Get bonus of 64 GB.’

There is no doubt to maintain the profit of Apple I-Phone 8. It was a guess that the profit percent was 35 to 40. But the customers are in confusion what will they get in ‘Apple primium’.

Team cook and his team has brought IOS eco-system with many other characteristics, are available in all high cost android phones. OLED screen, curved glass,dual lens, camera and wireless charger Apple competitive Mobiles also came out.

Among these features, some are going to be limited. Wireless charging technology is based on QIE Criteria but I-Phone hardwaare will be locked if it seems to accept the charge with apple’s third party device which has cupertino liscense.