Nepali typing from mobile

Nowadays, mobiles are the most useful, essential and necessary thing for people. People use mobile cell phones for using phone system, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber, YouTube, Google and many others. People wrote their feeling with or without picture on these above social sites in their own language. Nepali people also want to write the status or other things on such sites in Nepali language but they were unable.

Here we give some ideas to Nepali people who want to type in Nepali language and share through social sharing online sites. It is not difficult as people thought to type Nepali language in mobile phone. But you have to change the google input language in your mobile cell phone. But the main and essential thing is ‘Nepali Language Keyboard’.

Another way is to download the app that translate the roman language into Nepali letters. Here we give you the some tips about the writing in Nepali language.

1. First of all, go to android setting application where you found language and input option. Click there and again click on ‘Add Input Language’.

2. Now you can see the list of different languages. You can see the already installed language and authority to install the languages. At the button part, you can see Nepali language, click there for download.

3. After that, Nepali also listed in installed language list. You have to enable Nepali language. After this process, you have two types of language in your mobile phone; English and Nepali.

4. Now, you can go at any application like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail where you have to write in Nepali language. Click at symbol of earth and change the language easily. After this, you can easily write in Nepali language.

You can also use G-board to write the Nepali language. For this, you have to download the application from play store. It also read the voice order and translate into Nepali language easily.