Kedar Ghimire published the list of fake news in midnight

Kedar Ghimire is a most popular, acceptable and comedian artist of Nepali movie as well as tele-serial industry. He is also called as ‘Magne Buda’. From the most popular tele-serial ‘Meri Bassai’, he become popular called as ‘Magne Buda’. He also worked in the popular movies like ‘Chha Ekan Chha, Wada Number Chha, Chakka Panja’. These all three movies are most popular and super hit movies. Now he is busy in the movie ‘Chakka Panja 2’.

Not only a artist, he is also more active in social media sites. He wrote the status in Facebook, Twitter and other social sites many times which become more popular. On last night, he make a list of such news which are not true and it is just published from social media sites to make Nepali people m@d. The list of such news are listed below;
A. National News:
1. Mur%der of Madan Bhandari
2. News about the Royal M@ssarc
3. Bidhya Sundar made a clean city Kathmandu within 100 days
4. Fill the pits on road with 15 days after the order of Sher Bhadur Deuwa
5. Candidates for the election from the political party of Narayan Man Bijukchhe in all 75 districts
6. 1 billion rupees in Swiss account of Chitra Bhadur K.C.
7. Kamal Thapa reformed the Royal family
8. Baburam said aganist the India
9. Prachand sleep on simple bed and use the watch of Rs. 150
10. K.P drive the train in Kathmandu valley

B. International News:
1. India return the old places of Nepal and terminate the agreement of Koshi
2. Donald Trump and Kim Jong become the close friends
3. Barack Obama stay silence 2 minutes for Osama Bin Laden
4. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump become relatives

C. Movies News:
1. Particular movie become super hit and producer is satisfied
2. Producer of Chakka Panja earn 20 crore

These all news are fake and he requested to all people that never think these news as true one.