Ways of increase height as per age

What is your age right now? If you cross the age of teen and your height is not satisfied for you, here we have some ways of increase the height. The best five ways to increase the height of human beings if they are cross teen age but not more than 24 years are listed below.

1. Green vegetables:
Some people have dream of heights. Beautiful girls like tall, strong and white face boys. Similarly, tall and thin ladies are also treated as most beautiful one in our society. If you are not satisfied with your height even after teen age, you can include the green vegetables in your food which helps to increase your height. Similarly, green vegetables also helps to balanced the hormone and blood circulation of body.

2. Turnip:
Turnip contain lots of growth hormone which helps to increase the height of human beings. It contain vitamin, minerals, fiber, protein, cholesterol and fat. You can add turnip with other food or cook single.

3. Beans:
Beans contain fiber, protein, vitamin and carbohydrate. As per research, due to lots of protein, it is helpful to increase the height. You can added the beans with salad.

4. Broccoli:
Broccoli helps to increase the height of human being which contain lots of growth hormone. It is also helpful for circulatory and digestive system. It contain fiber, vitamin C and A as well as iron in huge quantity. It also contain anti-cancer element.

5. Peas:
It contain lots of nutrition which helps to increase the height. It contain minerals, vitamin, fiber and lutein which give positive feedback to human body. These elements are necessary for the development of height. But, you have to use green and fresh peas instead of peas of packet.

6. Other vegetables:
Other vegetables like spinach which contain vitamin, minerals, protein, fiber, iron and other different nutrition which is helpful to increase height. Ladyfinger is also equally important to increase the height.