Gold Is Hand Brings Misfortunes, Get 13 Interesting Thoughts Of Gold

According to the astrologer, every metal has its effects upon us because these all are the role played by the planet in solar system. Each metal is related with a special planet. Those planet show their effect according to the nature of us.

All the jewelries made with copper, silver gold or expensive eue or diamond shows the positive or negative effects to our body. But if you want to make your life happy by wearing golds then get the information about positive and negative effect of gold, method of its usage from the priest Prefulla Bhatta.

Not to wear gold on legs
You should not wear the ring and chain of gold on your leg. It creates problems in the family as well as effect to your health too.

Direction to put gold at home
Some people kept gold at home. If you put gold at your home, you should put it in the north-east direction of your home.

Keep gold as this
It is believe that if gold is tie with yellow or red cloth, it will be lucky. Keep stamen with gold. It is good for family members.

Not to wear during pregnancy
Pregnancy women should stay away from these all. You can wear it but not in high amount. It will raise problems.

If you want a child
You are not having a child but you have desire to have child then you can wear a ring in left hand ring finger. It slowly shows its reaction.

Donate gold
According to the astrologer the factor of gold is Jupiter and it is good for donation. So you should not to take gold from unknown person.

Lost and find gold
Loosing and finding out the gold is not good. If it lost, it creates conflict and if you find your expenditure will increase.

Make a Coulpes life happy
To make couples life happy, People use to wear golden chain in the neck and ring in the ring finger.

Works as Iron
A person who runs the business of iron, coal and sat, should not wear gold. It losses the business. If it is necessary to wear gold, take a suggestion of astrologer according to your nativity.

Gold and Health
Gold produces energy and and hotness both. If you were suffered from common cold then wear a ring in little finger. Drinking gold-water increases the immunity power.

Not to wear gold on hips
You should not wear gold on hips because it make your digestive system worst. As well as brings many diseases related with stomach.

In the view of health those should not wear gold
Those who have problem of fatness and stomach and who face maximum irritations, should not wear gold.

Never be unholy
Gold never became unholy. It an untouchable person touch then you can spray gold-water to make it holy.