Side Effects of Three Month Syringe 3: Not To Use If Possible

Increase Fatness, Mensuration Problem And Possibilities Of Cancer.
Three month syringe- It is a temporary method of family planning and there won’t be the possibilities of pregnancy up to three month if you take once.

There is the huge amount of people who use this syringe. There is a syringe name “Sangini”. It had been produced by a company named “Nepal CRC” that provides once in three month. According to the company, more than 66 lakhs have been sold.

But people have been complaining about the side effects of three month syringe. After getting the complain about the syringe, we started research on it. Not only in Nepal but in foreign countries too, doctors are suggesting not to use it. World famous online “” related with women health and reproduction, has clearly written about the h@rmful effects of it’s usage or side effects on it’s website.

What are the side effects?
According to, there are many side effect of this syringe.
1. It increases the fatness of women. It happens because of the special elements include in syringe. It had beed proved that Sangini syringe is use in fruits, such as: pumpkin, cucumber, watermelon to sell them in the market soon.
The use of this syringe brought the problems of mouth, face and tongue swelling. It also bring various skin diseases too.

2. Problem can be seen in mensuration. With the use of this syringe, mensuration could not take place up to six months. Such condition may raise problem in whole body. It may cause breast cancer too. Especially the youth women those who use this syringe have more possibilities of causing breast cancer. It also effect on bones and may cause various bone diseases.

3. It is not guaranteed 100% that it will stop pregnancy. Before this , there are many examples of pregnancy while continuing the three month syringe. It will effect more to the patient of pressure. It raise the fat and make muscles hard. Before that the news of using syringe to make he-goat strong had been published in different newspapers.

Doctor says, Not to use syringe as possible, is good
Here different doctors said that not using that syringe as possible. Koteswor, Baneswor of Kathmandu as well as the runner of many other medical hall and some doctors are doing their risky work and suggest no to use it.

“ We should face problem if we say that we should not use those syringe in the media. If you will not include my name then I clearly say that the use of Sangani syringe is not good in any angle.” A doctor met in Koteswor clinic says, “ Sangini syringe is not good, 72 hours medicine should not use. Iron capsules with pills are good to use in some ways. In case of family planning process Condom is the best alternative.” He says.

In forerign countries, doctors suggest no to use such syringe. There we can get many example in online different doctors are suggesting no to use such syringe in their blogs.

What do Nepal CRC Company say?
Nepal CRC company has distributed Sangini syring in Nepal. Company has been investing a lot to promote it. But while promoting it, it didn’t tell about it’s side effects. The use of sangini syringe stop pregnancy for three month, as this the company continues such promote from the several years. In the last year most of the women those who uses sangini syringe complains then doctors started to give suggestion of not using it.

To know about it we contact to Nepal CRC company. In the interview of Artha Sarokar a staff of company is saying that there are some side effects but it doesn’t effect our health adversely. “ According to women health, some side effects and seen symptoms are natural. But Sangini syringe is safe.” She says.

There is not another voice in the contribution of Nepal CRC company in family planning. But the complains of customer are raising when they didn’t give the information of its side effects. Company didn’t talk about the side effect of such syringe, WHY? Raised big Question mark over there.