Five years old girl Buthaina, who open the eyes of World

In the hospital of Yemen, relatives, friends and other people of Buthaina were singing, dancing and playing indoor games. She smile. Tears comes out, She carried a drawing pencil and try to make the sketch of family members.

Buthaina Mohammad Mansoor Al Raimi is a totally inju#red girl at the air @ttack in the capital of Yemen, Sana on 25 August, 2017. She is only a girl who is alive also after the @ttack in her family. Her all family members, total 7 members, were d!ed due to air @ttack. She is under the care of uncle and aunt. She didn’t know the fact things about her father and mother. She was safe dram@tically and she was being rescued from the totally de$troyed building. Her both eyes are totally closed due to big @ccident.

Immediately after the air @ttack, local media and reporter want to get information from her. At that time, she tried to open her eyes with her hands. Cinematographer click the picture of her while opening the eyes by hand. That picture was popular in all over the World. Her head and other body parts are more !njured so they didn’t know the date of discharged.

As per the chief of hospital Yaser Al Ghori, she always asked about her parents and other family members. It was totally 16 days. She didn’t know that her parents were de@d. Her uncle said that, he never be a father of Buthaina but she is his daughter. He is hopeful that, after see the picture of Buthaina, three years long w@r will be finished. Since, March, 2015, more thatn 13 thousands people lost their life in Yemen due to w@r.