Spanish lady who leave her country for Nepalese people

At the age of 19, 7 years ago, Barka visited Nepal after completed the Bachelor level study in Social Work. No one thought about her life that she will spend her remaining life in Nepal. She spend 1 months in Hetauda at that time which 1 months become a turning point of her life. When she returned home, her mind already took the great decision about the life.

She immediately shared her decision about to stay in Nepal forever to her parents. Her parents know about her habit and give permission to her. Her parents have single child, Barka so that they become too sentimental at that time. Barka said, ‘My parents know me and my habits very well. So they never b!ocked my ways. I can do anyhow at any cost what I want.’ At last, after 1 year, she returned Nepal to spend her remaining life doing social work.

When she was in Nepal for first time 7 years ago, she did the volunteer at Hetauda in a child care home. At there, she meet with three children who were d!sable. All the facilities were good but they are far from education. When she returned home after 1 month, she unable to forgot that three children. At last, she took the decision to stay in Nepal helping such children. After one year, she returned Nepal forever and now she is helping such dis@ble children.