Select The Soap According To The Nature Of Skin

There are varieties of soaps in the market. Which soap is used to bath? We haven’t fixed it. We choice the soap that looks good. Few search the cheap one, some search expensive one. Some looks the brand, some looks the soap’s cover.

In reality, there are different color and flavor. Diverse in soap means different in its nature. Namely which kind of skin what kind of soap should use. Therefore you should use as the nature of your skin. Otherwise you will face it’s side effects.

As the nature of skin different soaps are needed. And need to choice a soap as skin’s nature.
Qualities of Soap
• Clean skin
• Make skin soft
• Maintain the level of vitamin and nutrition in skin

Good soap provides nutrition’s to dry skin and remain healthy. It your face is dry a lot you need to use moisturizing soap. If your skin is normal then you can choice a soap according to your flavor. If it is sensitive skin you should use good smelling soap.

Kind of Skin
Simply: four kinds of skin. Normal, Dry, Greasy and Sensitive. Using any kind of soap makes dry skin more dry. That produces wrinkle soon. As well raise problems if you use any soap in sensitive skin. To be safe from it you should know the nature of your skin. As it you can choice your soap that may be profitable.

Greasy skin
Anti-bacterial soaps are available in the market. That includes anti-bacterial elements like trichinosis, trichinocarbon which is useful for this kind of skin. But, need to save from the maximum use because it makes skin dry.

For all kind of skin
Soap contain glycerin have the quality of medicine. And that is useful for all kind of skin. And also can use soap with glycerin for dry and sensitive skin.

Combination skin
Whenever few skin may be dry or greasy. A person which has such skin can apply Aroma Therapy soap which is very useful.

Some Precaution
• Should not use soap in face as possible.
• Soap with chemical effect badly.
• Too much smelling soap is even useful.
• Save from the soap that contain more scidic elements. Namely PH value is maximum.
• Soap use for whitening contains more chemical.